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100 Marvelous Places In New Zealand You Need To Visit

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41. Orewa Beach, Orewa, New Zealand



Surf on Beach

The Orewa Beach is an ideal spot for vacations with its safe and fun activities for the whole family such as swimming, kite surfing, building sand castles, and kayaking.

42. Matakana Town, New Zealand

Visitors in Matakana town New Zealand

Get a completely relaxing getaway for tourists who love swimming, shopping and dining at famous restaurants in Matakana Town.


43. Stewart Island, New Zealand

Quiet Cove on a Rustic Coastline

Have fun feeding the birds or going on a fishing trip at this wonderful Steward Island and discover an array of marine life and picturesque beaches.

44. Art Gallery Interior, Dargaville, New Zealand

Art gallery interior

This art gallery is for artists who are looking for their next inspiration to create artworks based on a wide variety of paintings and crafts.


45. Fox Glacier, New Zealand

fox trekking 2 final

It is an ultimate experience to hike with fellow backpackers on ice at Fox Glacier rather than the natural rainforest mountains.


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