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100 Marvelous Places In New Zealand You Need To Visit

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76. Christchurch Cathedral, New Zealand

Christchurch Cathedral

The Christchurch Cathedral survived damages caused by earthquakes and natural catastrophes. Admire the Anglican cathedral while it is still standing tall.

77. Cornwall Park, Auckland, New Zealand

Flock of sheep grazing in a paddock

Grab a colorful mat, a basket full of goodies, and your pet with you for a picnic at the peaceful Cornwall Park.


78. Oriental Bay, Wellington, New Zealand

Water Fountain at Oriental Parade, Wellington, New Zealand.

After visiting Oriental Bay and exploring the sights and beaches around, you will definitely fall in love with the place and even consider living here for good.

79. Christchurch Casino, New Zealand

Casino in Christchurch

It is funny how “Christchurch” and “casino” combined is literally a name of a place in New Zealand. Feeling lucky? Try gambling at Christchurch Casino.


80. Mount Eden, Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland skyline from Mount Eden

Mount Eden is a combination of modern and natural beauty where people can get the best views of Auckland or shop the greatest finds in the village.


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