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100 Marvelous Places In New Zealand You Need To Visit

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66. Kuirau Park, Rotoroa, New Zealand

Kuirau Park in Rotorua - New Zealand

Get a close look at a steaming geothermal activity at Kuirau Park only by staying at the safe side of the fence.

67. Wellington Cable Car, Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand - November 18: View of the Wellington Ca

Experience the magnificent view of Wellington by an exciting five-minute ride at Wellington Cable Car from Lambton Quay until Kelburn.


68. Dunedin Railway Station, New Zealand

Dunedin train station

At first glance, the railway station looks more like a castle. The Dunedin Station has more to offer with train trips to wonderful places in Hinterland up to Otago.

69. Cadbury World, Dunedin, New Zealand

Cadbury chocolate factory Dunedin New Zealand

Everybody loves chocolates! What a magical experience to visit the factory of Cadbury and conclude the tour by a sweet taste of the chocolate fall.


70. One Tree Hill, Auckland, New Zealand

One Tree Hill

Take a break from work by walking up the One Tree Hill while admiring nature surrounded by sheep and cattle.


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