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100 Marvelous Places In New Zealand You Need To Visit

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56. Wellington Botanic Garden, Wellington, New Zealand

The Lady Norwood rose garden

Sip a cup of coffee at Botanic Garden Café while enjoying the view of the garden: tropical plants, orchids, water lilies, roses, tulips and different plant species.

57. Waitemata Harbour, New Zealand

Auckland City CBD, Sky Tower & Waterfront with dramatic sky

Go on a cruise at the Waitemata Harbour and see the stunning view of volcanic peaks, mountains and city skyline along the way.


58. Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

Mount Cook

Just get a spectacular view of Mount Cook National Park and take countless photos of the beauty of glaciers, snow fields and skyscraper peaks that are Instagram-worthy.

59. Tasman Glacier, New Zealand

Tasman Lake - New Zealand

Drift away in a boat ride to the melting ice of the Tasman Glacier and icebergs which can be easily be seen by the murky waters.


60. War Memorial Museum, Auckland, New Zealand

War Memorial Museum in Auckland

It’s not too late to learn about New Zealand’s past in an innovative way by visiting the neo-classical War Memorial Museum’s buildings and galleries.


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