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100 Best Places In Spain You Can Visit

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71.Timbuktu Tavern and Katmandu Park, Magaluf, Spain



The Timbuktu Tavern and Katmandu Park

Enjoy a 4D experience in the Katmandu Amusement Park and a lot more attractions to choose from. Dine and savor fire-smoked favorites at the Timbuktu Tavern

72.Benidorm, Spain

View of the coastline in Benidorm

Plan your holiday and stay with one of the world largest and vibrant resort. Benidorm offers a wide variety of entertainment activities, hundreds of bars and nightclubs as well.


73.Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid, Spain

San Miguel market in Madrid

If shopping is your thing, this is the right place to go, one of the oldest and most beautiful covered market located at the heart of the historic center of Madrid.

74.Caves of Nerja, Spain

Different rock formations in the Nerja Caves - Cuevas de Nerja.

Be awed with the work of nature. The beautiful stalactites and stalagmites is a natural wonder. A visit to the amazing cave of Nerja is highly recommended.


75.Arc de Triomf, Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona. Triumphal Arch.

The Arc is made of red brick, with the emblem of Barcelona affixed with the Spanish provinces. It was built as the entrance to the World Exposition in 1888.


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