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100 Best Places In Spain You Can Visit

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61.El Born, Barcelona, Spain



Spain 61

Wander around El Born, one of the most fashionable Cities in Barcelona, it is where you can find beautiful pricey to the trendiest boutiques and shoe shops.

62.Central Market, Valencia, Spain

VALENCIA -JUNE 24: Central Market on June 24 2016 in Valencia, S

Tour the City of Valencia, discover the mixture of sight, sound and smell from the historic Central Market. Enjoy shopping from a wide variety of shops found in the market.


63.Oceanographic, Valencia, Spain

L'Oceanografic - Oceanarium in Valencia, Spain

A family escapade that everyone will enjoy, the highlight of the park is the underwater restaurant where guests can have dinner surrounded by different marine species.

64.Plaza de Oriente, Madrid, Spain

Monument of Philip IV of Spain in Madrid

The equestrian statue of King Philip is at the center of the Plaza decorated with a fountain and allegorical statues. Enjoy beautiful landscape of trees and formal gardens at the plaza.


65.City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, Spain

City of arts and sciences in Valencia, Spain

This unique complex is a modern tourist destination and considered as one of the 12 Treasures of Spain. This amazing architecture is devoted to disseminating science and culture.


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