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100 Wonderful Places In Singapore You Can Visit

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6.Merlion Park, Singapore

Singapore skyline

Merlion is the most well-known landmark in a Singapore. It is the combination of the country’s translated name “lion city” and its humble beginning as a fishing village.

7.Marina Bay Infinity Pool, Singapore

Infinity swimming pool of the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

The Sky Park atop the entire building has the world’s longest elevated infinity pool. Take a dip with the clouds while admiring the sky view in this 200-meter high attraction.


8.Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Singapore

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

This wonderfully-architected temple based on Tang Dynasty style is within the Chinatown of Singapore. This temple is a home to Buddha’s sacred relics and artefacts.

9.China Town, Singapore

The Stall in China Town, Singapore

You just can’t take a tour around Singapore without visiting this town. From temples to street foods and beautiful decorations from store to store, this place is worth a visit.


10.Little India, Singapore

Colorful facade of building in Little India, Singapore

If there is China in Singapore, there is also India. This multiethnic-multicultural Little India got you covered for a broad range of Indian attraction from one temple to another.


11 Responses to 100 Wonderful Places In Singapore You Can Visit

  1. kiana says:

    what an awesome article. i have been looking for this for months now. i seriously cant wait to visit Singapore after seeing this lovely post of yours

  2. nina clarisa says:

    lovely content you got there. would always check back. thanks

  3. gloria says:

    please like how much will i need to save up to visit Singapore? thanks

  4. tori ellen says:

    Singapore is 1 of the cheapest country to visit in the world. i love the way you write. thanks for sharing tho

  5. lacey abbey says:

    one thing i would love to say is that ASIA is particularly BORING. please do not try Asia contries not to talk of Singapore

  6. ben10 says:

    sincerely, Singapore is a place to be. i spent just 1 month there and it is worth my time, effort and money.

  7. hope linda says:

    i strongly believe that Singapore is a boring country to visit. nothing fascinated me about that country

  8. kate shiana says:

    Singapore is the last place i will ever think of visiting. rubbish!

  9. mia says:

    what else do you want me to say about ? its cheap, safe and convenient for any one to visit. looking forward to returning there for 2 months relaxation

  10. ebony cara says:

    marina bay sand resort is truly the best place to see in that boring country called Singapore.

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