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100 Wonderful Places In Singapore You Can Visit

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86.Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, Singapore


If you want to enjoy a theatrical entertainment, visit this performing arts centre. It is a complex of two buildings with a clock tower in the middle.

87.St. John’s Island, Singapore

St. John Island

A great retreat away from the busy city life is at St. John’s Island. Inhale that salty air and refresh your mind. This island is a great place to relax!


88.Anderson Bridge, Singapore

Anderson Bridge over Singapore River

This vehicular bridge connects the City Hall directly to the financial district. It is near The Fullerton Hotel.  This bridge is part of the Formula One Singapore Circuit.

89.Punggol Park, Singapore

People cast the fishing rod to the sea in Punggol beach, Singapore

On the northeastern part of Singapore is Punggol Park is a densely forested place. Explore nature’s offers of picturesque views in this family leisure park.


90.Orchard Shopping Center, Singapore

Orchard Shopping Centre at Orchard Road, Singapore

Prepare your pockets for this shopping splurge in Orchard Shopping Center.  Shop for anything fashion and lifestyle related on this shopping hub along Orchard Road.


11 Responses to 100 Wonderful Places In Singapore You Can Visit

  1. kiana says:

    what an awesome article. i have been looking for this for months now. i seriously cant wait to visit Singapore after seeing this lovely post of yours

  2. nina clarisa says:

    lovely content you got there. would always check back. thanks

  3. gloria says:

    please like how much will i need to save up to visit Singapore? thanks

  4. tori ellen says:

    Singapore is 1 of the cheapest country to visit in the world. i love the way you write. thanks for sharing tho

  5. lacey abbey says:

    one thing i would love to say is that ASIA is particularly BORING. please do not try Asia contries not to talk of Singapore

  6. ben10 says:

    sincerely, Singapore is a place to be. i spent just 1 month there and it is worth my time, effort and money.

  7. hope linda says:

    i strongly believe that Singapore is a boring country to visit. nothing fascinated me about that country

  8. kate shiana says:

    Singapore is the last place i will ever think of visiting. rubbish!

  9. mia says:

    what else do you want me to say about ? its cheap, safe and convenient for any one to visit. looking forward to returning there for 2 months relaxation

  10. ebony cara says:

    marina bay sand resort is truly the best place to see in that boring country called Singapore.

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