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100 Incredible Places In Canada You Can Visit



Canada is known as the second largest country in the world, and it is no wonder that it has rich offerings for tourists. I have traveled many places before, but I never found anywhere more beautiful than Canada. You need to visit these cities even once in your lifetime, and I assure you, you will love it. So, read this list.



1.Rocky Mountains, North America, Canada


Do you crave for a good hiking spree, camping with friends or families? Go to the Rocky Mountains and you’ll get to experience a good thrill for sure.

2.Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada


In summer, you can enjoy the tranquility of the turquoise lake. In winter, ice fishing is an exciting way to enjoy Lake Louise with your friends or family.


3.CN Tower, Ontario, Toronto, Canada

Toronto skyline

Gape at the entirety of Toronto in a bird’s eye view. If the height is not thrilling enough, spike up that adrenaline rush, and you can try Edge-Walking.

4.Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Siwash Rock

Tour around the park on a horse-drawn carriage or ride the miniature train, but if you prefer long walks, trek along the seawalls and enjoy the breeze of the sea.


5.Horseshoe Falls, Ontario, Canada


Even that erosive power of waters has its calming effect, this powerful falls is shaped like a horseshoe; thus, the name.


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12 Responses to 100 Incredible Places In Canada You Can Visit

  1. rocio eliza says:

    Toronto is just popular for nothing. there is nothing spectacular about visiting Toronto

  2. tonya kerly says:

    Toronto is not just popular. it is the best place to visit in Canada

  3. Ellen says:

    Canada will forever be my number 1 country to visit anytime and any day!

  4. Shayna says:

    Hello admin ! I read your page everyday and i must say you have very interesting articles here.
    Your blog deserves to go viral.

  5. dejah jane says:

    another lovely post. i love the way you write. *team Canada for ever

  6. misty iris says:

    i have about 10 good friends in that lovely country called Canada. if you wish to meet great friends as a result of your vacation, please try Canada. everything about this post is tru

  7. mariba says:

    Canada is truly a place to be. the truth is that almost all the cities in Canada are truly unique and special in their own way. nice try

  8. edith susana says:

    Alberta is 1 of the most beautiful place to visit in Canada. was there for 5 months. cant wait to go back. lovely article

  9. 1985precious says:

    i particularly love the mountain and terrains in Canada. its never a dull moment in Canada,

  10. tracy kari says:

    I love Canada. i recommended Canada to 5 of my friends. they all came back with positive testimonies about what thry saw in Canada. great content!

  11. elisa says:

    99% of all the states/cities in Canada is actually amazing for anyone to visit and come and enjoy life to the fullest. nice post. keep it up

  12. sam collins says:

    this is another wana be country. the united states remain the king of all

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