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100 Magnificent Cities Around The World That Everyone Can Visit

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1.London, United Kingdom



The Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge in

Aside from the iconic Big Ben, you can shop ‘til you drop at Oxford Street and view the iconic skyline from up high at the London Eye.

2. Istanbul, Turkey

View of Galata district at sunset, Istanbul, Turkey

Never mind getting lost at Istanbul, learn their rich culture and find your way back thru the city’s famous landmark, the grandest Süleymaniye Mosque.


3. Marrakesh, Morocco

Main square of Marrakesh in old Medina. Morocco.

You’ll fall in love with the soulful North African vibe of Marrakesh, go and explore the Koutoubia Mosque as well.

4. Paris, France

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You can encounter Paris syndrome after a weekend full of French cuisine, majestic museums, and erotic shops. After all, it’s Paris.


5. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Wat at sunset, cambodia.

Adventure never stops in Siem Reap. The temples of Angkor reveal so much about their ancient world.


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9 Responses to 100 Magnificent Cities Around The World That Everyone Can Visit

  1. wiggles00 says:

    when you edit this post by respecting the number 1 city in the number most amazing country to travel, i will then agree. TEAM FRANCE!

  2. mohammed says:

    so proud to see Turkey on the list and in fact, in this position. Turkey is highly recommended. thanks for this great piece

  3. Rock says:

    London is just over hyped. there’s nothing special about the whole of UK and not just London

  4. samanta robert says:

    not surprised that our own dear LONDON is the first city to be recognized!

  5. hannah says:

    and so no city in the greatest country in the world made top 3. this is a big lie. at least 10 cities in the united states is supposed to be from position 1 to 10 before any other city in any country

  6. lake semple says:

    even Morocco coming before developed nations of the world. i will not agree with your list. thanks!

  7. kuhlmean says:

    i think there is no reason for a list because each country/city/state/region has something unique, beautiful and different about it.

  8. oyakilome maria says:

    what a joke! cant believe that France is behind Turkey.

  9. anjelina rokie says:

    one would have expected to see cities in ; USA, UK, CANADA AND AUSTRALIA. thanks for your nice information. have learnt a lot here

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