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World’s 100 Scariest Places In Photos

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From overcrowded tombs, mummified bodies, venomous snakes, and suicidal forests, these locations are some of the scariest places known to man. Go on a journey that leads to an abyss.



1.Door to Hell, Turkmenistan


Geologists who burn off a natural gas in a cavern in the year 1971 did not realize that the fiery blaze will burn non-stop until today.

2. Bisti/ De-Na-Zin Wilderness, N.M.


Bisit is an isolated area which has no source of water, wood and signal! Get ready to wander in the wilderness if you’re brave enough to travel here.


3. Island of Dolls, Mexico


Innocent eyes yet scary stares, the Island of Dolls is a place full of creepy dolls in memory of a girl who drowned near Xochimilco canal in Mexico.

4. Aokigahara ‘Suicide Forest,’ Japan


There’s something sinister about Aokigahara or well-known as “Suicide Forest” for hundreds of people commit suicide every year at this lethally alluring forest.


5. Skull Chapel, Poland



This baroque church is filled with skulls of people who died during Thirty Years War back in the year 1618.


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  1. Madeline says:

    No words to say i’m speechless what an amazing shoots, HATS OFF!!!

  2. Noe83 says:

    Reading your blog is big pleasure for me, it deserves to go viral.

  3. Wellwisher says:

    That’s not Huashan though, that’s Longyou.

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