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Asia’s Top 100 Must Visit Places



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6.Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar

Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) They are public doma

Also commonly known as the Great Dragon Pagoda, this spectacular should-never-miss- attraction in Southeast Asia is gleaming in gold and decorated with diamonds.

7.Great Wall, Beijing, China


Built thousands of years ago to ward off foreigners, it is now one of the most iconic foreign attractions all over the world.

8.Amber Fort, Jaipur, India

View of Amber fort, Jaipur, India

Named after the Minas’ goddess of fertility, Amba Mata, this impressive fort is like a magic castle in a fairyland. Experience it with its famous elephant ride tour.

9.The Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand

Royal grand palace in Bangkok, Asia Thailand

Bangkok’s most impressive cultural destination, this complex of well ornate structures is not only a symbolic house of the Thai Monarchy but also a home to the exquisite Emerald Buddha.


10.Cu Chi Tunnels, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Cu Chi tunnel with underground dug out

Have a feel of wartime Vietnam at the self-contained city underneath Ho Chi Min. This might have been Vietnam’s secret in defeating the mighty American army.





10 Responses to Asia’s Top 100 Must Visit Places

  1. mark henry says:

    Asia and Europe is A NO NO for me. its Canada any time and any day. great post tho

  2. ben rooney says:

    Asia is one of the cheapest places to visit. if you do not have much and you can plan well, try Asia. i enjoyed it tho

  3. alisa_IN says:

    Hong Kong is not worthy of this position. it should be in number 10. on a scale of 10, i would give 03

  4. yadira says:

    Asia is one of the most boring continents to visit. please do not even talk about it here

  5. celia regan says:

    Asia is safe. that is enough reason for anyone to visit. nice post

  6. sherey tracy says:

    If you love the true work of nature, please consider any Asia country. it is not as bad as what you think. am a living testimony

  7. linda tablita says:

    the last continent i would think of visiting. tho all you wrote here is true but i cant go there. hell no!!!

  8. eva patricas says:

    another great content. this blog is going places. keep the good work going

  9. jackie says:

    cant even imagine myself spending 1 day in any of the countries in Asia. forget it.

  10. bobbymataUSA says:

    there is no fun at all visiting any Asia country. please do not try it. my 10 cent!

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