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The 12 Best Skiing Destinations In Europe


Are you a snowy adventure enthusiast looking for the best skiing Destinations in Europe? Whether you are a pro skier or a beginner, this list has several options from which you can choose. Take a look at this guide and pick your best destination before the winter season begins. It is a mix of remote skiing destinations meant for seasonal skiers and high-profile resorts with all facilities for beginners. These choices have been voted as the best not only in Europe but also the whole world. So, take your skiing boots, jump into the passenger seat and let us drive you around Europe as we look for your best resort. You will not be disappointed!



  1. Meribel, France

Skiing Destinations In Europe

Let us start our exploration in France – one of the best European skiing destinations. As you will find out as you read through, France has a lot of options for snow sports junkies and Meribel is one of them. Les Trois Vallées is a ski region shared by many resorts built for both the professionals and beginners. Meribel is one of these resorts and aims to provide a perfect learning environment for the first-timers. As such, it is the best option for families that would like to enjoy their time in Les Trois.

Apart from the facilities, Meribel also has a challenging yet entertaining terrain. In addition, its altitude can go from 1.1 kilometres to as high as 3.2 kilometres. This makes it also suitable for expert skiers. The natural snow plus a 50% terrain served with snowmaking gives make it a promising destination. The consistent conditions ensure an extended snowy season every year.

  1. St. Moritz, Switzerland

St. Moritz is arguably the very first European winter resort and a world-famous one too. The resort has maintained its world-class status for many years, probably almost a century. To reiterate its ability, it hosted the 1928 and 1948 Winter Olympics. In addition, the Alpine World Ski Championships held every two years are hosted in this amazing resort. As you can see, this is a high-profile skiing destination that will give you all the resources you need. What makes it even better is the ski terrain preserved for the non-Olympians.

If you are a skills lover, then the over 20 lifts available will give you the best experience. From the town of Corviglia – 2,400 meters elevation – you can have magnificent views of Alpine. If you are not a skiing enthusiast, there are many other activities in which you can engage yourself. Tobogganing and skating sites, for instance, are unlimited in this area. Visit St. Moritz and ski like a pro!

  1. Courmayeur, Italy

Skiing Destinations In Europe

Whether you are an intermediate or expert skier, you will be surprised how challenging and entertaining the Courmayeur terrain is. It attracts skiers from Milan, Turin, and even other parts of the world. It is set on Mont Blanc’s flanks giving that thrilling effect that will make your skiing time more interesting. Some parts of this terrain are unmarked and can only be used by experts. However, if you would like to ski them, you will need a well-trained expert to take you through.

As for beginners, there is a suitable area in Dolonne for you to enjoy your time. The cross-country trails that start from Val Ferret are perfect for Nordic skiers. You will not get over the feeling of Nordic skiing through this 20-kilometre network. If you are not interested in skiing, there is a cable car that will suspend you in the air as you watch amazing views of all the terrains. Book your tickets early because people will be flooding the place when the moment comes.

  1. Kitzbuhel, Austria

Welcome to Austria, another favourite country for those who love snow games. Kitzbuhel is known for its romantic appearance, which makes it the perfect skiing destination for couples. If this is what you have been looking for, then prepare for an amazing surprise. The town is as colourful as anything pretty you can think of and is stuffed with trendy restaurants and shops. Despite having almost similar characteristics as those of St. Moritz, this city offers enough resources and services for budget travellers and families. With over 170-kilometre terrain suitable for skiing, and an additional 280-kilometre run full of lifts, there is just about everything for any skier.

This region comprises of two skiable terrains; Kitzbuhel and SkiWelt. They are both connected by bus, so you can leave your vehicle at a safe place and come enjoy yourself. Kitzbuhel hosts an annual downhill race challenge on one of the steepest terrains. If you are a freestyler, then there is a place for you at the Bichlalm area. Join the rest of snow gamers this coming winter at Kitzbuhel and make it one of your best vacations.

  1. Courchevel, France

Skiing Destinations In Europe

Back to France! Another dreamlike experience is awaiting you at this French resort. Just like Meribel, Courchevel is part of the Les Trois Vallées or the Three Valleys in English – the largest European ski domain. Courchevel is the largest of all ski destinations in this region. It has a 150 kilometre run with over 60 lifts for you to test your expertise. The same is also linked to other runs totalling to over 600 kilometres. You will also be able to transverse four glaciers making your skiing even more challenging.

What makes this resort stand out? Courchevel’s snowfall reaches up to four meters high in addition to the area’s altitude of over 2,500 meters. It is the best place to spend your winter holidays, whether you are a beginner or an advanced skier. As a matter of fact, every village here is equipped with at least one terrain for beginners. Board that plane this coming winter and experience the luxurious life of Courchevel. Don’t miss out!

  1. Zermatt, Switzerland

Switzerland’s Zermatt offers you more than just skiing. It is one of the most scenic ski destinations in the world. The country’s altitude elevates the resort to as high as over 3,900 meters above the sea level. Zermatt is known for the long ski runs that go as far as the heart of the village. Another thing that has put Zermatt on most skiers’ radar is the 3S cableway opened in 2019. It is the largest and highest on earth capable of carrying 2,000 skiers per hour to a height of 3.9 kilometres.

Let technology guide you through Zermatt’s terrains. Yes, you literally don’t need a human guide because there is a customized app that will give all the necessary information. Some of the data contained or updated in the app include weather, snow conditions, and skiable locations. If you are a beginner, you can gain more experience by skiing at Wolli’s Park. In addition to skiing, almost every corner of this resort has a perfect view of the iconic Matterhorn. “Explore as you ski” is the order of the day in Zermatt.

  1. Val d’Isere, France

European skiing has always made the headlines of sports news, and Val d’Isere is one reason why. This French skiing resort is connected to Tignes by slopes and lifts, consequently forming the largest skiing destination in France. With long continuous pistes and colossal peaks, it is no surprise that Val d’Isere remains the best option for many expert skiers. Tourists have voted it as the best choice for family skiing, and the reasons are obvious. There is an area in the leisure complex built specifically for kids. The resort also has children ski school whose objective is to make professional skiers out of the young enthusiasts. Some of the Olympic legends developed their skills here; for instance, Jean-Claude Killy.

  1. Cervinia, Italy

The most fascinating thing about Cervinia is the fact that Matterhorn is right at the centre of the resort. You can literally ski in and out of the village because of the slopes of the surrounding mountains. During the winter period, you can forget about your car because cable cars are ready to transport you. Snowshoes and mountaineering skis can also be alternative options to your vehicle. Cervinia is quite an interesting place to be given the culture of the residents and scenic plateaus.

Cieloalto, the famous run-in in Cervinia, was the host of World Cup raced in the 1970s. The steep slopes are ideal for experienced skiers who are just looking to train their skills. Intermediates can also try them, but with a guide who will take them through. Enjoy life in Cieloalto, one of the greatest skiing destinations in the world.

  1. Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

Like some of the resorts mentioned here, Cortina also has a history with Winter Olympics. The 1956 games were held here and continued attracting visitors in the subsequent years. Sixty-two years down the line and it remains one of this list because of the high standards it has maintained. It has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage.

Cortina is perfect for beginners, intermediates, and experts to some extent. Half of the terrain is meant for the intermediate skiers to improve their skills. Apart from skiing, you can also enjoy the spectacular views you can find on this spot. Once you are done with skiing, you can explore a wide range of entertainment avenues and trendy shops in the area. Make your vacation a memorable one by skiing in Cortina.

  1. Jasna, Slovakia

skiing Destinations in Europe

Looking for a skiing resort in Slovakia? Jasna gives you all the skiing experience you need. The 49-kilometre snowed slopes are perfect for families, beginners, and advanced skiers. Organised snow sports can also be held here because of its high-class appearance. In addition to the natural snow, there is also a segment filled using the modern snowmaking process. As such, you are guaranteed of at least five months of uninterrupted skiing every single year. Also, if you are looking for a place to feel the cable cars, then Jasna is the one. There are about twenty-eight cable cars carrying 32 passengers per hour. Experience the sweetness of Jasna village through skiing and sightseeing.

  1. Chamonix, France

best skiing resorts in Europe

Chamonix is best known across the world because it was the first to host the Winter Olympics. Perhaps you know it because it is set on Mont Blanc, a mountain with the highest snow peak in Europe (4.8 kilometres). At the base of this mountain lies a French Alpine village which makes Chamonix even more iconic. Worried that you might be late for the party? The cooling effect supplied by the surroundings ensures that Chamonix has one of, if not the longest winter season in Europe.

If you are looking for a more challenging experience in your skiing career, then Chamonix has you sorted. It has some of the toughest terrains to navigate, making it an interesting sport. It also provides areas with some of the biggest height differentials to be used by advanced skiers. Chamonix is perfect for both the experienced and inexperienced skiers.

  1. St. Anton, Austria

Best Skiing Destinations In Europe

The final suggestion on our list of the most incredible skiing destinations is another resort in Austria. This is an ideal destination for expert skiers because of the huge number of extra-expert ski runs. St. Anton is located in the Arlberg region of Austria. Most of the terrains in St. Anton cannot be used by beginners because they can be challenging even for the experienced skiers. Nonetheless, it is a very interesting place to train and master your skills. For instance, the height difference between the lowest and highest point of Valluga is around 1,300 meters, and it runs for 10 kilometres.

Even if you are an advanced skier, you will still need a guide to help you navigate some of the off-piste runs available. If you are interested in this one-in-a-million ski destination, make it one of your travel must-dos of next winter. Accommodation is available just around the area at an affordable price too. The best way to enjoy life is to, occasionally, surprise yourself or your close friends. This is one of those ways!



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