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Construction Technology





Many aspects of construction technology have remained the same over the years, however, there are certain developments that have allowed for greater improvements in this field. Construction technology extends far beyond the actual construction, in fact, it often relates to equipment used during the construction process to gather data and keep an eye on the construction progress. All of these new technologies are helping shape the world of construction as they are bringing many changes to current construction models.

1. Data Collection Apps

Data has become an incredibly important part of construction technology, especially when dealing with larger projects. Specifically designed collection apps allow for more accuracy in the data collected during construction. This data could relate to both the construction process and workflow, the material required or used, as well as data regarding the safety measures taken to improve the construction scene. It also allows for reports to be generated easier as the apps are specifically designed to collect data and customize them into easy-to-view reports.

2. Cameras

Cameras are usually installed on major construction sites for safety reasons. While intelligent security is one of the predominant things to come to mind when thinking of cameras as construction technology, there are other important features and reasons for their installation on work sights. These usually include having a live Jobsite viewing which allows monitoring from outside the construction zone as well as the creation of a construction time-lapse video for advertising, recording, and marketing purposes. Having good quality cameras installed in the construction zone is therefore often necessary.

Cameras are also used with drones, as drones can be the easiest way to get aerial images of the building being constructed. They can also be used for interactive 3D and other models as well as to take measurements. This allows for easier monitoring of harder-to-reach areas in the construction area.

3. Building Information Modeling (BIM) Software

Modeling software has become a norm in designing and planning a building. This method can often be much more effective than having a paper sketch or model of the building would be since everyone involved will be able to get a more complete picture of the final design. This construction design innovation has also led to 3D models of buildings used by architects to promote a project or show their design to potential clients.

Construction technology is about so much more than the actual construction of the building. Instead, it extends to aspects of its design and planning and can often be a key part of keeping everyone involved informed about the progress of the construction. Data collection is a crucial part of construction technology and one that has allowed for greater monitoring and thus more efficient construction patterns to emerge.



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