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20 Tourist Attractions in Liberia


Tourist Attractions in Liberia: Liberia, the oldest democracy in Africa is a country along the coast of western Africa which boast of numerous tourist destinations. Liberia’s terrain ranges from the low and sandy coastal plains to rolling hills and dissected plateau further inland. The country is home to a lush rainforest containing a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Liberia is the only black state in Africa never subjected to colonial rule and is Africa’s oldest republic. It was established on land acquired for freed U.S. slaves by the American Colonization Society, which founded a colony at Cape Mesurado in 1821. In 1824 the territory was named Liberia, and its main settlement was named Monrovia,



Monrovia is the nation’s educational centre, with the University of Liberia (founded by act of legislature in 1851, opened 1862, given university status 1951, established a medical school 1968), the modern Monrovia Consolidated School System complex in the Sinkor district, and several church secondary schools. Medical facilities include the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, a government and two church hospitals, and several private clinics. The Monrovia Conference of 1961 served to launch the Organization of African Unity in 1963 (since 2002 the African Union). Pop. (2008) 1,021,762.


20 Tourist Attractions in Liberia

  1. Liberian National Museum, Monrovia (ESTD 1958)

The perfect place to connect to the historic and ethnic side of the country. Here you will find the dining table of the founding father JJ Roberts, which was a gift from the Queen Vitoria of England. Along with that, you will find paintings and work of art that represents the culture of Liberian tribes from the past.

  1. Cape Mesurado

On the coast of Liberia, located near the Liberian Capital, Monrovia and the mouth of Saint Paul River. The Portuguese sailors gave the Cape its name back in 1560. At the northwestern point of the Cape, in the vicinity of Monrovia, which is called the Mamba Point, there is an inactive lighthouse, soon to be reactivated from the government’s financial aid.


  1. Ce Ce Beach

Experience a night full of fun with family and friends with music, dancing, and singing, the Ce Ce Beach is perfect for you. Here you can observe colorful marine life as you go snorkeling or polish your surfing skills on these crystal-clear waters. Both tourists and locals are attracted to an exotic place.

  1. Libassa Ecolodge

Tourist Attractions in Liberia

Libassa Ecolodge is the perfect place to come to enjoy the natural paradise, peace, and tranquillity prevail here. Located at the junction of sea and palm tree forest, it has a breath-taking view, with tropical birds and wildflowers. Enjoy swimming, canoeing and watch the fish and crabs swim in the crystal clear water.

  1. Kpaiyea fortification wall

A sneak peek into the lives of the Loma people, the earliest of the Liberians who lived in the Zorzor District of the Lofa County can be observed from the Kpaiyea fortification wall. Here you will find the insights into the lives of the military of early Liberians that dates back to 300 years through the huge mud-brick structure.

  1. East Nimba Reserve

The perfect and uniquely located geographical place that gives it the best variety of flora and fauna, making it the best most adventures place of sight-seeing, in West Africa. Nature is all around you with wild birds flying over your head, frogs, and a toad that camouflage on the plantation and butterflies that take your breath away.

  1. Wongan Waterfall

A place of peace and tranquility with a scenic view of harmonic nature is located in the Kokoyah Statutory District, Bong County, called the Wongon Waterfall. The falls are around 50-60 meters high and wide giving a mesmerizing view to the tourists from the falling edge point. With a deafening roar, the waterfalls into the St. Johns River.

  1. Elizabeth Village and Resort

Looking for leisure yet want to be away from home, the Elizabeth Village and Resort is the perfect place for you. Located atop the Benson River, build from mud and has a unique oval design, it is one of the resorts that give you a real Liberian feel with custom-made rags and rugs of African print.

  1. Bernard’s Beach

A peaceful evening can be spent at Bernard’s Beach, a fairly easy place to get to as it is near the Old Junction in Sinkor. Needing a bit of maintenance, this beach has a marvelous lagoon with hermit crabs or kissmeat- according to the locals who are always there ready for a friendly small talk.

  1. Sapo National Park

The SNP is one of the most natural animal habitats consisting of numerous trees, plants, and small waterbodies. The locals welcome you by rubbing white chalk on the forehead as a symbol of their African tradition. A welcoming ceremony of the visitors with an exploration of the Park along with camping and boat riding. It is a mesmerizing natural sight.

  1. Cape Palmas Lighthouse

Although a non-functioning lighthouse there is no better place from here to climb up to see an exceptionally beautiful mesmerizing panoramic view of Cape Palmas. The mind-blowing, palm trees on the beach and the beautiful soothing view of the sea is a splendid sight to watch.

  1. Robertsport

The calm sea waves paired with the dense forest gives you the most glorious beaches to spend your day lying down and sun-bathing yourself. Robertsport was a beautiful fishing village but now has a paradise-like feel. The capital of Grand Cape Mount always has abundant surf lodges and tourists.

  1. Lake Piso

Having a wide variety of ocean fish along with wildlife on the seashore as well as the ones flying over your head, the Lake Piso is a cool place to be away from the busy city life. The huge lagoon is about 40 miles away from the main ocean. An amazing sight would be the remains of canons on ships from WWII.

  1. Waterside Market

One of the most chaotic markets of Liberia that offers everything that you can think of, the best place to shop for textiles, footwear, leather bags, and pottery. The noisy market with some touch of the African ambiance that makes it unique in its way. It won’t be wrong to call it raw Monrovia.

  1. Mount Nimba

The best most wonderful place for hiking is this tallest peak in West Africa. The view from the top is mesmerizing as the three countries: Liberia, Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire meet. The strikingly beautiful topography and the industrial remains of the three countries make it a unique meeting point.

  1. Providence Island

The island is a beautiful and fascinating place to visit with a history that needs to be understood with a guide. The permission is very important from the ministry of tourism who provide you with the guide. The display of guns and other war weapons reflected a part of the history of Liberia.

  1. Mount Wuteve

Mount Wuteve is located is one of the highest peaks in Liberia and is a part of the Guinea Highlands range, coming from an even larger range of West African Mountains. The mountain is 1440 m high and is one of the best tourist attractions for hiking and temporary camping. The locals of the Loma tribe call it Mount Wologizi.

  1. Kpatawee Waterfall

One of the most mesmerizing waterfalls that are Liberia’s wonder, it can prove to be soothing and relaxing. A perfect picnic spot that is 32 km from Gbamga, perfect for a swim out in the sun with the family beside you.

  1. Lofa Mano National park

Located in the northwest of the country, the area has certainly the most abundant ecological features. Here you can observe tropical birds that are endangered and needs to be preserved. A perfect sight for camping if you are traveling with daring friends, make sure you take all your equipment with you on this adventurous trip.

  1. Gola Rainforest National Park

Just adjacent to the Lofa Mano National Park is the Gola National Rainforest, although it is located in the country of Sierra Leone, it is very close to the Liberian border and almost of part of it. The park is a natural habitat for numerous birds and mammals. Several butterflies keep the atmosphere colorful and the whole ecology is rich with flora and fauna.



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