About Me

Hi, I’m  Bonnie Black and Welcome to amazingplaces.pictures – your Ultimate Source of Travel Destinations Worldwide!

This page was created to inspire daring travelers, photography savvy individuals, and nature wanderers to explore the world and meet new people.
As a travel blogger, I have been to hundreds of exotic and beautiful countries where I’ve learned about a variety of cultures. What started as a hobby turned into a fulfilling job for me as I get paid to travel. It is my passion to get out of my comfort zone and continually grow as a person based on my experiences.

It is addicting to discover new sights and take wonderful photographs of natural and ancient wonders. Every place I go is an avenue for adventure and discovery. People often think that it is way too expensive to travel the world. But, I believe that with a right amount of savings and preparation, you can tour the world even on a limited budget.

If you are a looking for hundreds of places to travel with good food and excellent vacation spots, then this website is the best avenue for you! To get updates and travel tips from amazingplaces.pictures, you may reach us through email : info@amazingplaces.pictures.

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